• Tumblr Support started off Summer ‘12 with an awesome outing: A Nerd Herd* Segway tour of the Church Hill neighborhood of Richmond, VA.

    It’s hard not to giggle constantly on a Segway. You look a little ridiculous, your coworker bffs look a little ridiculous, and you’re all learning how to maneuver something that involves some coordination. There may have been some crashing, falling, and rolling down hills backwards. Needless to say, it’s good that we can laugh at ourselves!

    Our guide, Jeff, clearly loves Richmond history and despite our goofing off, we learned a lot.

    Ready for a ton of historically significant links?

    Tour highlights include: the Reconciliation Statue, the Adams-Van Lew house, with the Elizabeth Van Lew statue; Chimborazo HospitalLibby Hill Park, from which you can see the view that named the citySt. John’s Church, the site of Patrick’s Henry’s famous speech; the Franklin St. Burial grounds, site of the first Jewish Cemetery in VA, which concerned some Tumblrers because potentially-haunted apartments surround the small plot (cue ominous music); the James River floodwall and canals; and Triple Crossing, the only place in the world where 3 main-line railroads cross.

    Many thanks to Segway of Richmond for a great tour and to the Tobacco Company for a delicious lunch in a beautiful setting. 

    *Credit to Dave S. for the phrase “Nerd Herd”

    Photo credits: Alex, DaniiLianna, Tess