• Hey! Need a link to a specific post?

    Permalinks are permanent links (URLs) to individual posts. You can access a post’s permalink in the Dashboard, as well as on most public blogs.

    From the Dashboard:

    • Hover your mouse over the upper-right corner of any post on the Dashboard.
    • Click the dog ear that appears, or keep hovering to view what time the post was published.



    • Click the Share icon on the bottom of any post.
    • Click the permalink button that appears. It will open to the post page.


    From a public blog:

    If you are on a public blog, keep in mind that each theme will have its own way of connecting you to a post’s permalink. Look for the icons and links surrounding a post — generally a permalink can be accessed by clicking on a post’s date and time, the link to its notes, or a similar symbol for a hyperlink.


    For instance, hovering over the post time or its notes shows that those both link to the post at: